Collection: Whole Chicken

Hooligan Treats' Whole Freeze-Dried Chicken – a delectable delight that goes beyond mere taste, delivering a symphony of health benefits. Each bite is a wholesome experience, packed with the goodness of nature.

Feeding whole freeze-dried chicken to dogs can offer a range of health benefits, including:


  • Nutrient-Rich Delight: Our freeze-dried chicken offers a powerhouse of essential nutrients, providing a balanced and complete diet for your beloved canine.
  • Protein Powerhouse: Savor the benefits of high-quality protein, essential for muscle development, maintenance, and overall well-being.
  • Joint Support: Naturally occurring compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin promote joint health, benefiting dogs with arthritis or joint concerns.
  • Digestive Wellness: Preserve your dog's natural enzymes with our freeze-dried chicken, fostering healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption.
  • Lustrous Coat and Skin: Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to a shiny coat and healthy skin, addressing issues like dryness and itching.
  • Weight Management: Enjoy lean protein for your dog, supporting weight management and a healthy body composition.
  • Dental Delight: The act of gnawing on freeze-dried chicken aids in natural teeth cleaning, reducing plaque and promoting oral health.
  • Immune System Boost: Rich in vitamins and minerals, our chicken supports a robust immune system, keeping your dog healthy and vibrant.
  • Natural Energy: Protein and amino acids provide a natural energy boost, perfect for active dogs or those with higher energy needs.

Because your furry companion deserves nothing but the best.

Remember, it's crucial to introduce new foods gradually and consult with your veterinarian to ensure that any dietary changes align with your dog's specific health needs.