Collection: Pixie Glimmers

Hooligan Treats Freeze-Dried Free-Range Raw Chicken Pixie Glimmers – a magical delight designed for dogs and adored by feline friends. Because tiny and toothless pouches deserve love too!

Formulated without preservatives, fillers, colors, flavors, or antibiotics, Hooligan Treats Pixie Glimmers are a testament to purity in pet indulgence. Versatile and perfect for dogs of all sizes, they serve as ideal toppers or a special treat.

Choose from a variety of options, including chicken carcass, feet, gizzards, hearts, livers, and whole chicken – each Pixie Glimmer a burst of flavor mirroring the richness of the wild. Easy for seniors, pups, and even pets that don't chew their food thoroughly, these treats are a delightful option for all.

Pixie Glimmers with ground bone contribute to oral health, naturally cleaning teeth with every bite. Finely minced into dust and small pieces, they are perfect for dogs without teeth as well, ensuring that every furry friend deserves an amazing treat.

What sets Hooligan Treats Pixie Glimmers apart is their enchanting health benefits. Some varieties are enriched with Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss, these treats go beyond conventional offerings. Sea moss is a nutrient-rich marine plant that provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals, promoting overall well-being. It's a source of iodine, essential for thyroid function, and boasts antioxidants, aiding in immune system support. These treats offer more than just taste. Sea moss contributes a wealth of vitamins and minerals, promoting immune health, digestion, and a lustrous coat.

Handmade with love and packaged with care, every Pixie Glimmer is a testament to our commitment to providing the finest for your pets. Choose Pixie Glimmers for a treat that embodies health, taste, and the joy of pampering your pet.