Collection: Minced Breakable Patties

Elevate your pet's snacking experience with Hooligan Treats Freeze-Dried Free-Range Raw Chicken Minced Patties – a symphony of taste and health meticulously crafted for both dogs and discerning feline friends. Handmade with love and packaged with care, these breakable patties redefine the concept of healthy treats.

Our commitment to purity is unparalleled. These treats contain no preservatives, fillers, colours, flavours, or antibiotics, ensuring a natural and nutritious indulgence for your beloved companions. Minced patties offer the flexibility to tailor the treat size according to your pet's needs, making them ideal for dogs of all sizes as toppers, trainers, or simply a healthy snack.

The versatility of Hooligan Treats extends to a diverse array of options, including chicken breast, carcass, feet, gizzards, heart, liver, mish-mash, and whole chicken. For those concerned about dental health, select options with ground bone – such as carcass, feet, neck, and whole chicken – provide a natural way to clean teeth during each delightful bite.

The variety of options ensures that Hooligan Treats cater to the unique needs of your pets, making them suitable for seniors, puppies, and even those who may not chew their food thoroughly or have no teeth

The health benefits of our treats are not just a promise; they are a reality. Some of our healthy treats are enriched with Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss, these treats go beyond conventional offerings. Sea moss is a nutrient-rich marine plant that provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals, promoting overall well-being. It's a source of iodine, essential for thyroid function, and boasts antioxidants, aiding in immune system support. These treats offer more than just taste. Sea moss contributes a wealth of vitamins and minerals, promoting immune health, digestion, and a lustrous coat. 

Choose Hooligan Treats for a treat that goes beyond mere snacking – it's a holistic celebration of health, tailored for your pet's individual needs.