Collection: Large slices

Treat your fur baby to the wholesome goodness of Hooligan Treats Freeze-Dried Free-Range Raw Chicken Large Slices – a culinary delight crafted for dogs and adored by feline friends.

Free from antibiotics, preservatives, fillers, artificial colours, or flavours. Featuring options like chicken feet and gizzards, each large slices is tailored to cater to dogs of all sizes, offering a healthy treat that breaks apart effortlessly due to our unique freeze-drying process.

Certain of our variants are infused with Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss, elevating them beyond the ordinary. Sea moss, a nutrient-rich marine plant, is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals that actively contribute to overall well-being. It serves as a natural source of iodine, crucial for thyroid function, and is rich in antioxidants, supporting a robust immune system. With the added enrichment of Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss imparts a cascade of vitamins and minerals, fostering immune health, aiding in digestion, and promoting a luxuriant coat.

The magic lies in their easy breakability, providing a satisfying experience for your pets. Ground bones within the slices not only enhance the flavour but also contribute to dental health, offering a natural way to clean teeth with every delicious bite.

Handmade with love and packaged with care, Hooligan Treats Large Slices are a testament to our commitment to providing the finest for your pets.